New Balance Made in UK Season 1 ’19 – Flimby Lookbook

It’s been well over a year since we’ve put anything up on this site, but New Balance just debuted Season 1 of their Made in UK collection for 2019 so we felt like this was as good a time as ever to dust off the site.

We were also treated to not one, but two lookbooks to support the collection, one of which was shot in Flimby, and the other in Soho, London. However, for this first post, we’re going to take a look at the Flimby lookbook.

2019 sees New Balance celebrate 30 years of the 1500, so it was inevitable that we were going to be treated to some incredible 1500 releases and they haven’t let us down. The M1500TB from 2006 was reissued as the M1500TBT and was an instant grab for us, but the celebrations didn’t end there. Enter the M1530. This brand new silhouette arrived on the scene offering a fresh take on the iconic 1500 and seen it’s strongest release as part of the ‘1500 30th Anniversary’ Pack.

This pack was recently released and featured both an M1530 and M1500 decked out in the quintessential New Balance hues of blue and grey, which are both easily the strongest releases of Season 1.

Following on from the ‘Caviar & Vodka’ Pack last year as well as a host of other editions, the ‘Point 9’ series makes an appearance amongst the Spring/Summer offering.  The EC colourways (991.9EC1500.9EC & 770.9EC) blend premium suedes and leathers with lightweight sportswear mesh evoking images of classic New Balance styles as well as keeping the shapes sharp.

Scroll down to check out the lookbook imagery, and if anything in particular catches your eye then the New Balance Made in UK Season 1 ’19 collection is available from retailers such as HANON here.


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