NB1 – 574 Canvas

The last update to NB1 was the introduction of Cone Mills Denim across all the models, but now, just in time for summer and for a limited time only, the 574 sees the Cone Mills Denim option switched out for a brand new Canvas option, which comes in three options – chalk blue, dark olive, and sand.

We took a closer look at some men’s and women’s 574 which have utilised the Canvas option, and we have to say, the chalk blue canvas is really doing it for us. If you can’t wait to get started designing your pair then click here, or feel free to check out the rest of this post for some inspiration.


First up is a trio of men’s colourways which utilise each of the colour options of the canvas material – sand, dark olive, and chalk blue, in that order.

The below New Balance 574 uses the sand canvas option, which is a perfect match with the oyster suede colour, we bet it would look great with a gum outsole too!




The dark olive canvas colour option is up next and look perfect against those earthy suede tones mixed with the sandy colour, definitely a perfect colour combination in the lead up to the summer months. Check them out here.




Our favourite by far has to be the chalk blue canvas option, but maybe we’re just a little bias as we’re such big fans of any sort of blue and grey mixes, so these sit perfectly with us. That light blue against the navy and contrasting grey is just perfect. Jump straight over to this option on NB1 here.




All options are available across the board on both men’s and women’s pairs which is great, so ladies, if you want something a little more up your street, then check out some of the below pairs which use a few more vibrant colours and also make use of that gum sole option.


The sand canvas option looks particularly good with that full oyster suede upper atop the gum sole with purple hits on the collar accent, N backer and laces.




What about that dark olive canvas option though? It looks particularly good here against the predominantly nimbus cloud upper with contrasting sea foam hits, and again, that excellent gum sole. Check them out here.




Again, the chalk blue canvas option takes the win for us, and is sure to be a hit with the ladies out there also, especially when you combine it with nimbus cloud and persian purple as seen below. Jump straight over to this design on NB1 by clicking here.




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