New Balance x END. In-Store Launch

When you think of fine marble works of art, the North Eastern city of Newcastle probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind… Until now that is.

Make no mistake, these Flimby made sneakers are works of art, each pair crafted intimately over several hours by dedicated craftsmen & women, some who only know shoemaking. We’ve been lucky enough to see it ourselves first hand at the Cumbrian Factory and it’s a joy to behold!
For us these modern day michaelangello’s and Picasso’s are masters at work creating wearable sculptures unlike anywhere else on the planet.
Like many works of art the beauty of the M575END lies in it’s simplicity and meticulous attention to detail.
In a world of seemingly worthless collaborations dished out to door after door every other day, it’s particularly refreshing to be following and be associated with a brand who continuously bucks that trend and keeps their collaboration packs limited to 2 or 3 really f*cking good ones every year or so. This is most definitely one of the latter.
With its white leather toebox and heel nestling in amongst the tonal shades of the very best Premium grey suede the M575END subtly borrows influences from the marble that adorns much of it’s Grainger Street store proving that both story and sneaker can sit beside one another and have neither outmuscle the other… a perfect harmony we think.
The New Balance 575END x END. “Marble White” will have an online launch this weekend on END.’s website.

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