NB1 998 by Rob Stewart

Just in case you missed it, we got the chance to design some NB1’s, and you can check Thomas’ pair out here but on the morning of something special for our friends over at NB1, we’re going to take a closer look at what our very own Rob Stewart created.

Using the current NB1 custom palette, Rob worked on a 998, but we’ll let Rob take you through his inspiration for the shoes and how he came up with his awesome 998 colourway!


“Firstly, if you’re looking for a strung out story or theme behind the shoes, you’re gonna be sorely disappointed, and if any of you good folks follow my NB Story you’ll find very little hype, a few great collaborations but mostly incredible GRs from both the UK and USA. Coming from a product design background, my lecturers always taught me to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and I’m pretty sure that stayed with me and has influenced my taste in footwear ever since.

The 998 is a great shoe, with lots of opportunity to mix it up with so many panels, plastic components and blocking to the midsole, however, you can only sell the truth and with my preference for all things simple I was gonna have to colour block that upper to a single or double colour(s), anything else just wasn’t representative of me, my tastes or my NB story.

I chose green simply because NB don’t seem to do a lot of it, and I wish they would, as each time they do they seem to nail it completely. The truly awesome UK M991KHW comes to mind and was one of my favourite pick ups of recent times, that khaki green suede and mesh just oozes depth, richness and class.

I like people to see I’m wearing NB, so naturally I needed contrasting branding, hence why I chose the bright orange splashes of stitching on the tongue and heel. Added to that I chose double reflective 3M logos on the side saddles because, well, simply put NB is Reflective 3M.

I did go a bit crazy with my choice of speckled midsole, that’s about as ‘hype’ as I get, and I’m ok with that. Thanks to the good folks at NB1 for the opportunity. Forever grateful.”



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