New Balance 998 x CNCPTS “Grand Tourer”

Massachusetts based heavyweights Concepts are getting to work on what we’re sure is their favourite Made in USA silhouette again, especially if we think back to just how successful their previous two collaborations on this model have been.

We’re sure the “Grand Tourer” is going to be just as big a hit as the others…


This time, they have created the New Balance 998 “Grand Tourer” x CNCPTS, which for their final collaboration of 2015, is inspired by the rich culture of prestigious auto races. The ‘Made in USA’ style celebrates Concepts’ upcoming 20th anniversary and is launching exclusively on Saturday December 26th 2015 at Concepts in Cambridge, MA,  as well as Concepts in New York City and online at with a retail price of $215.00.



It doesn’t end there though, as Concepts NYC have partnered up with the Classic Cars Club to build a post-purchase customer experience where sneaker and car enthusiasts will come together to check out the classic cars that inspired the “Grand Tourer” and on the West Coast, Concepts has teamed up with Period Correct in Costa Mesa, CA, to create a special in-store pop-up experience featuring vintage racing cars and more.

Images and info from Concepts.


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