New Balance 997BEXP Horween

Following the disappointment of the New Balance 997BTS Horween failing to actually get a release, and everyone spending months being jealous over the one guy who somehow managed to source not one but TWO sample pairs, the rest of us will now be able to get our hands on a pair of 997 with Horween leather… if we pay the premium price of course.

The New Balance 997BEXP (we think that’s the code), is made in the US of A and features a lush Horween leather upper in navy, the absolute ultimate in premium materials, and with Horween leather, comes a very pricey retail price, but that’s not new to us, right?

It might sound like we’re trying to put you off, but let us lay out the facts to you.

A New Balance 997, the silhouette which seems to be getting ALL the attention of late, combined with some Horween leather, in a NAVY colourway, with contrasting brown leather inner lining, and a clean white midsole. What is not to love here? Regardless of the price ($380), we’ll be grabbing them as soon as they reach the UK!




Images via Rise where there’s a couple of sizes remaining.

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