New Balance “Flimby 35th Anniversary Pack”

This year, New Balance are celebrating 35 years of UK manufacturing at the iconic Flimby Factory, and to celebrate those 35 special years, they’ve created the “Flimby 35th Anniversary Pack”.

NB 35th Anni-product-packshot

New Balance has been proud to manufacture athletic footwear in the United Kingdom for over 35 years, and today remains one of the only global athletics brands to do so. Since 1982 the New Balance manufacturing facility at Flimby, Cumbria, has leveraged a rich heritage of shoe-making in the region, utilising the skill-set and experience of existing footwear specialists. The UK facility has also enabled European material sourcing, which over time has created a unique ‘Made in UK’ proposition for New Balance, in terms of style and materialisation, which is coveted worldwide.

The pack consists of 4 much-loved classic Made in UK styles, and each come in premium navy and grey materials: M991FA, M770FA, EPICTRFA and M1500FA.

We got an early look at each pair from this pack when we visited the Flimby Factory for some early celebrations last month, and we can confirm just how good this pack is. Classic colours, premium materials, and hand made by some of the finest shoe makers in the world, what more do you want?

NB 35th-portraits-ann-1500

NB 35th-portraits-tom-991

NB 35th-portraits-elaine-epictr

NB 35th-portraits-roy-770

The New Balance “Flimby 35th Anniversary Pack” will be launching at select retailers globally from August 5th.

Take a look at each style below!

NB 35th Anni-product-1500-01

NB 35th Anni-product-1500-12

NB 35th Anni-product-1500-13

NB 35th Anni-product-1500-11

NB 35th Anni-product-1500-05

NB 35th Anni-onfoot-1500side

NB 35th Anni-product-991-02

NB 35th Anni-product-991-10

NB 35th Anni-product-991-09

NB 35th Anni-product-991-07

NB 35th Anni-onfoot-991side

NB 35th Anni-product-770-03

NB 35th Anni-product-770-17

NB 35th Anni-product-770-16

NB 35th Anni-product-770-04

NB 35th Anni-onfoot-770side

NB 35th Anni-product-EPIC-00

NB 35th Anni-product-EPIC-14

NB 35th Anni-product--EPIC-15

NB 35th Anni-product--EPIC-06

NB 35th Anni-onfoot-EPICside

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