NB1 – Cone Denim (Washed Indigo)

Earlier on we took a look at how the dark indigo denim wash fairs on the 998, 990v3 and 574 for the Cone Denim material update on NB1 here, but we’re not stopping there, because now this post will take a look at the some colourways in women’s sizes utilising the light washed indigo denim on the three silhouettes.

Before we get into this, we just want to say that we’d quite happily rock these colourways, as all three of them are banging!

Refreshing your memory about Cone Denim, well for the last 125 years, they have been making some of the most beautiful denim in the world, and now, for a limited time only, you have the chance to make your NB1 with extremely high quality light or dark washes of Cone Denim right here.


Before we get into the details of each pair showing off the washed indigo denim, let’s take a look at each of the three silhouettes individually first.




First up is the Made in USA 574, the original New Balance custom model and looks perfect with that washed indigo denim against the light suede upper, finished off with the gum outsole. You can design a pair of the 574 here using either Cone Denim material options.





Since the 998 was added to the model choice on NB1, it’s definitely become the most popular silhouette to use, and it’s not wonder when it looks as good as this pair below. We’re sure that we are going to see some pretty special designs on the 998 which have utilised the Cone Denim material options, so get creating here.






I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a women’s NB1 990v3 on our #nbgallery tag, but we’re seriously opening that changes with this new material option, especially when you can create a pair like the one below.

As we said in the other post, the panelling options on the 990v3 is great, and seems to compliment the denim perfectly. Click here to jump to the NB1 site to design your 990v3.






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