NB1 – Cone Denim (Dark Indigo)

Whether it’s premium suede, lush nubuck, or the finest Horween Leather, you can count on those materials being available on the New Balance custom programme – NB1 – at some point or another, but there’s a brand new update, and it’s possibly our favourite yet.

Over the last few years, there have been a few pairs of Made in USA New Balance released which have utilised Cone Denim, and they’ve been some of the most successful releases to date. The use of Cone Denim on the uppers of some of New Balance’s most premium silhouettes adds a whole other dimension, and it’s one that we are fully onboard with.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cone Denim, for the last 125 years, they have been making some of the most beautiful denim in the world, and now, for a limited time only, you have the chance to make your NB1 with extremely high quality light or dark washes of Cone Denim right here.


We were lucky enough to get our hands on the three models available on NB1 – 998, 990v3, 574 – with the updated Cone Denim material option, so of course, we took them out for a spin and took an in-depth look at each pair.

The three men’s pairs featured in this post all come in subtle black colourways with the dark wash Cone Denim, and we’ve covered all the details on each model to show you just how the new material option will look on each of the three silhouettes.

Note that both washes of denim are available for the men’s and women’s pairs, so you can use either ‘washed indigo’ or ‘dark indigo’.

Let’s take a look at all the silhouettes collectively first:




Now let’s firstly dive into our favourite silhouette available on NB1 – the 998 – and take a look at all of the details.

As you can see, this particular NB1 998 features a lush black suede upper, with the dark wash Cone Denim underlay, a pretty perfect match if we do say so ourselves.

If the 998 is the preferred model for you, then you can start getting creative with the 998 here.






Next up is the New Balance 990v3, and it may not be the first choice for many on the NB1 custom programme, but we have to say, that with the new Cone Denim options, it looks particularly great with the panelling on the 990v3.

You can utilise the Cone Denim options and create your 990v3 NB1 here.





Last but not least, the Made in USA 574 is not to be forgotten about, the original New Balance custom model is looking as good as ever with the updated material options, and you can design a pair here.






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