Introducing the Zante Generate

3D printing certainly isn’t new to New Balance, the US based brand we care greatly about has been manufacturing gait specific 3D printed tread plates for their elite athletes for a number of years now.

Whilst other brands release teaser shot after teaser shot, expensive flamboyant videos and an abundance of claims and counter claims over who done what 1st, the New Balance team at Lawrence, Massachusetts have quietly been working around the clock to produce the first (to market) high performance running shoe which utilises 3D printing along the entire length of the midsole unit.



The New Balance President and CEO Robert DeMartini says, “New Balance is at the forefront of 3D printing and has been utilising this exciting and innovative technology to customise product for our athletes for a number of years.”

He also says that “Our unique position as both a manufacturer and retailer allows us to bring the world’s first 3D printed running midsole to market. The Zante Generate demonstrates the strength of New Balance design and innovation and will allow consumers to own a piece of running technology history.”


Exploiting a unique and exclusive collaboration with 3D Printing Giants 3DSystems, the Zante Generate running midsoles will be laser sintered, layer by layer, using a newly developed DuraForm® TPU Elastomer material ensuring performance and durability of printed parts. Using such technologies allows this collaboration to achieve a fine balance of flexibility, strength & weight in a form virtually impossible to recreate in any other manufacturing capability.

Celebrating the purchase of New Balance by owner and chairman Jim Davis on Patriots Day (3rd Monday of April to commemorate the battle of Lexington & Concord) 44 years ago, the brand will release 44 pairs, which will be split between and the NB Experience Store at 583 Boyleston Street in Boston.

The New Balance Zante Generate is set to release this Friday the 15th of April with a $400 price tag these 44 pieces of sneaker history won’t hang around long!


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