New Balance 247 x Titolo “Deep Into The Blue”

The New Balance 247 divided opinions when it dropped last year, and we can’t lie, even we weren’t that sure about it,  but you’ve got to give everything a shot, right?

So after first trying the Luxe Pack, followed by the Sport Pack, and then first collab on the silhouette by Japanese powerhouses mita sneakers, our minds were made up. This silhouette was a step in the right direction for New Balance, a necessary one at that, and we were on board ready to see how things would develop.

Now, for summer 2017, Swiss sneaker store Titolo have created the perfect companion for spontaneous summer adventures – 247 “Deep Into the Blue”.


Long, warm evenings, chirping crickets and the taste of cocktails and ice-cream – summer is almost here, and so is the latest collaboration between New Balance and Titolo.

It’s not just the name that brings back memories of spontaneous, carefree summer days – the sneaker’s aesthetics are just as summery.

Beautifully crafted in dark blue suede will remind you of cool water, while the high-tech neoprene details add contrast. The terrycloth New Balance logo brings beach towels to mind, and is an unusual but welcomed material choice for the ‘N’.

Meanwhile, the pink and purple heel tabs provide a complimentary match for the terrycloth logo. Final details are found by way of the Titolo logo on the tips of the laces, and a trusty gum outsole.


The New Balance 247 x Titolo “Deep Into The Blue” will be launching on June 24th at Titolo, with a global launch on July 1st.








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