New Balance Made in UK Football Pack – A Closer Look

Last month, we previewed the Made in UK New Balance “Football Pack” here, but Saturday saw the release of the pack, so we took a closer look, and even got each pair on-foot to see how they look.

If you don’t feel like checking out our previous post, let us give you a brief run down on the pack. Celebrating British culture as New Balance do so well, they’ve turned their attention to football, and have utilised three models – the 1500, 577, and brand new Epic TR.

The pack pays homage to New Balance’s historic legacy in football, and is the perfect pack to introduce the Epic TR, a new silhouette straight out of Flimby, which takes it’s design inspiration from New Balance’s original Flimby-made Epic football boot from the 1990’s.

Each pair from the pack comes dressed in a predominantly black leather upper, with white detailing throughout, reminiscent of how football boots used to look before all those fancy colours.

We’ll get to the exciting new Epic TR later, but in the mean time, let’s take a look at the New Balance 1500FB. In typical Aberdeen fashion, it was pouring down while shooting the pack, but thankfully, the leather uppers hold up pretty well.








We’re super impressed by each pair from the pack, but the 1500 is bound to be a stand out. However, you can’t really go wrong with a black premium leather upper.

With all pairs from the pack featuring the same code, next up is the 577FB.








Finally, New Balance introduced the Epic TR as part of the “Football Pack”. It’s inevitable that this model is going to be overlooked, especially when combined with heritage models like the 1500 and 577, however, from our small amount of time with the Epic TR in hand and on-foot, we’re looking forward to seeing how 2016 will pan out for this model.

Like New Balance done with the CT300, we’re sure there’s going to be some pretty special things in the pipeline for the Epic TR.









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